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Walmart shares tumble over 4%, market cap falls nearly $10 billion 
Date: 13 May 2018

Walmart shares slumped more than 4% in the morning trade on Wednesday wiping off nearly $10 billion from its market capitalisation, hours after the retail giant announced $16 billion worth Flipkart deal. The shares took a beating amid concerns that the deal could impact profits of Walmart. The American retail major`s shares fell over 4% on the New York Stock Exchange at around $82.13 apiece. At this level, the market capitalisation was more
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PMO refuses to open incomplete expressways 
Date: 30 Apr 2018

The much-hyped commissioning of the ambitious Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) and Delhi leg of the Meerut Expressway could not take place on Sunday. The fifth such failure to meet the deadline came after the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) pointed to non-completion of some civil and beautification works. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scheduled to commission to Expressways on Sunday. Sources in the Road Transport and Highways Ministry
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10 Nations Around The World That Have Legalized Prostitution 
Date: 19 Apr 2018

The oldest job in the world has, for quite a long time now, been regarded as a hateful and fallen choice of work. Prostitution exists and will continue to exist despite bans and their legal status, due to reasons like poverty or unforeseen situations. Some countries choose to outright ban the practise, while other countries have tried regulating prostitution, providing sex workers with health and social benefits. Here are some of the count
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From Delhi to Mumbai in 12 hours flat? Delhi Mumbai Expressway to be ready in 3 years. 
Date: 17 Apr 2018

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Monday said that the government would start building a new expressway connecting Gurgaon and Mumbai. The project will cost approximately Rs 1 Lac Crore. A sum of Rs 1 Lac Crore will be spent on this expressway … Nitin Gadkari outlined major initiatives of his ministry for de-congestion of Delhi NCR. Work on the project will be completed in three years starting from this
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US, UK, France Launch Missile Strikes Against Syria 
Date: 14 Apr 2018

Britain`s Ministry of Defence said four Tornado jets using Storm Shadow missiles had taken part in the attack which had been designed to target a military facility where it was assessed Syria had stockpiled chemicals. "Very careful scientific analysis was applied to determine where best to target the Storm Shadows to maximise the destruction of the stockpiled chemicals and to minimise any risks of contamination to the surrounding area,"
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