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The mystery surrounding the deaths of 11 people at a north Delhi home 
Date: 03 Jul 2018

The Investigation:
The Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Monday said it is investigating the case from various angles.
Police is investigating the case from the angle of the family`s spiritual or mystical practices. Some handwritten notes were also found at the house. The notes mentioned ways of attaining salvation. It is here to note that the bodies were found in the same way mentioned in the notes.
"It`s also being investigated whose handwriting was there in diary (notes pointing towards observance of spiritual/mystical practices). Why it was written and from where the information came is also being probed," the sources said.
The police are also investigating the presence of 11 mysterious pipes (pictured) seen protruding out of one of the walls of the victim`s house.
Crime Branch sources said, "According to CCTV footage, a delivery man came to the house to deliver food at 10:40 pm. No one came inside or went outside the house, before the local man who found the bodies in the morning."
The sources also said the family of the man whom one of the deceased was due to marry will also be interrogated.
"Call data records of the family members and search history on the internet are being scrutinized," the sources added.
Mental experts suggest `psychological autopsy`
Mental health experts said victims in mass suicide cases generally "show commonalities" and suggested that a "psychological autopsy" be conducted in the case to unravel the puzzle.
A senior doctor from the department of psychiatry at AIIMS suggested that a "psychological autopsy" be conducted in the case to get to the bottom of the mystery.
"In layman`s term, a psychological autopsy would mean interacting with the victims` relatives, friends and acquaintances to see if there was any pattern - like if they were reading the same book or similar themed books or were part of any cult or were influenced by any occultist," he told PTI on the condition of anonymity.

Racing to unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths of 11 people at a north Delhi home, police have struck upon notes that suggest the Bhatia family might have been trying to replicate the "badh tapasya".
Notes suggest family could be replicating `badh tapasya`.
Police said the two registers found at a temple inside the house had notes mentioning `salvation`, `badh tapasya`, `shunya`. "The notes state that if one follows a set of rituals, their problems would be solved and God would be happy. It seems that the rituals went awry. The notes mention how after climbing the stool and covering one`s face and taping the mouth, and wrapping a chunni around one`s neck, one has to climb down and help others," an officer privy to the probe said.


Oculist questioned:
Police on Monday said an occultist and his accomplice were detained for questioning

Eyes donated:
The eyes of the victims were donated to Delhi`s the Guru Nanak Eye Centre on Monday. The relatives said the family was religious and always wanted to help others.

Relatives suspect murder:
Two family members of the victims refuted investigating agency`s claim of a suicide and insisted that they were killed. Geeta Thakral, Devi`s niece, said she suspects someone from outside the family was involved in the deaths.
Sujata Nagpal, the daughter of the 77-year-old Narayan Devi who was found dead on the floor in the house, accused the media of speculating things and circulating suicide theories.
"I used to speak to my mom every alternate day. Everything was going fine within our family. We are a well-educated family and do not believe in babas. It`s not a case of suicide. Media has been speculating things and publishing wrong info about my family members committing suicide," she said.


Postmortem reveals no signs of struggle:
The postmortem has revealed there were no signs of struggle and all of them died as a result of hanging. The postmortem of eight persons, including the two children and their grandmother Narayan Devi, has been carried out and so far, police have not found any signs of strangulation or scuffle. It is being probed who took out the rope from her neck, he said. "From initial examination it seems that they all died due to ante-mortem hanging. The final report is awaited," the officer said.

The mysterious hand-written note:
The handwritten notes found at victim’s house detailed a set of rituals a person needed to follow to attain “salvation”. The notes were found in two registers and stated the rituals should be performed either on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
"The notes said that on the day of performing the ritual, one won`t cook food at home and the phones will be kept on silent mode for six hours. The notes also instructed that one person had to stand guard to ensure that others have hanged themselves," said the official privy to the investigation.
They detailed how by following the rituals, one would not actually die "but would be saved by God and attain something great". They had instructions on how an elderly person, who has problems in climbing a stool, can perform the rituals.

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